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DivConq Framework (2011 - present)

eTimeline's latest project, designCraft Web Platform, combines the power and flexibility of noSql database with the ubiquity of Java. The platform also tackles the needs of an enterprise application developer (modular, distributed, multi-tier) but with a focus on simplicity and elegance. With roots in MUMPS, the noSql database provides simple and elegant data storage.

Chronologica (2001 - 2007)

Chronologica is an animated, fully interactive world map that changes over time to reflect the world (political entities, cities, wars, explorers, etc) at any given second of history. User may choose to jump to any date (as general as a year or as specific as a second in a day of some year) or the user may choose to “play” a period of history and watch changes unfold in front of them. User has control over the length of the period played as well as the speed/precision of the time elapsing.

The Chronologica software was developed in Delphi and utilizes XML heavily. The data structures included two time axes, just as Thunderhead does, and was designed to be easily modeled (visually on a map) over time.

A short videos on Chronologica are available, see below.

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Chronologica Videos

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